Bass lover is a fun fishing game where you enter a 3 day fishing tournament to catch the biggest fish. The game is strategic based as opposed to action based: time passes with turns, and success is determined by weather conditions, your lure selection and sometimes a little luck.

The lakes and ponds are generated with cellular automata, the water bodies have varying depth and your fish-finder shows this depth as you move. Fish behavior is modeled to simulate real conditions! Fish rest in their sanctuary near underwater structures, and move toward shallower areas where there is aquatic vegetation to feed. Even using your outboard motor at high speed makes noise that scare the fish away, and changing weather conditions also affect how the fish feed!

The game manual has most of what you need to know to start fishing.

NOTE - The web playable version does not record your tournament statistics. This seems a problem with love.js. Feel free to practice with the web version. Run the .love version if you want to save your tournament statistics.


Download 5 MB
Download 8 MB

Install instructions

There is a Windows binary, or download the cross-platform LöVE package that you run by installing LöVE for your platform.

This work is open source:

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